Artist Bio


Robert Fenyvesi also known as Baseline is Hip Hop a recording artist from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

In 2008 Baseline got his first introduction to the local Hip Hop scene when he started battle rapping in The Elements League back in 2008. Though only having a hand full of battles in the league it taught discipline and helped craft his rhyme schemes and delivery to this day.

Fast forward to 2017, After not releasing any projects since 2014 but still releasing music via SoundCloud; Baseline decided it was time to release an album that displayed all of the ups and downs he went through with his journey thus far in music and releases his first full official album “Est. Since 902”. The album is what some would call his best work to date and displays his unique and well crafted style over modern and classic sounding instrumentals. The album “Est. Since 902” fueled Baseline to continue pushing forward.

Baseline was also recently featured on Virgin Radio Halifax 101.3FMs #WeOutHere segment,  his record Brand New debuted on Spotifys #NorthernBars playlist and he is currently wrapping up a collaborative project with Halifax producer Petey Punch; which is due to be released this fall.